Monna Lisa Day – Firenze

The fifth Monnalisa Day arrives in San Frediano to celebrate the birthday of Lisa Gherardini, the famous Monna Lisa of Leonardo da Vinci and with the aim of conferring a historical importance on Via Sguazza, that is the picturesque alley at Via Maggio, where she was born.  The street will be  decorated  in honor of the Renaissance muse – pop icon, will host artworks which will be then transfered to the new Art Gallery  at Chiasso Perduto, in that medieval corner in Via dei Coverelli 4r, behind the Church of Santo Spirito.

This is the first time my Instagram Monna Lisa will be presented to public.

So, what’s the meaning of Lisa’s post?

The Monna Lisa is the world’s most famous painting in the world, yet so often misunderstood and for some aspects bot yet known. Well, have you ever wondered what is the landscape behind the sitter? Is it real? was it invented by Leonardo? Go google “the landscape behind Monna Lisa (il paesaggio alle spalle della Gioconda) and you will find out there are dozens of experts who lost their sleep trying to find a solution.

Here is one of the most accredited  among the endless theories about it.

 Since I’ve been collaborating with one of these Leonardo’s experts, I know a new theory about the Gioconda springs out almost everyday. That’s why my Lisa ironically says “you will never find out where I went on holiday” .

Another point, I wanted my Lisa to be somewhat different. That’s why I painted her like it was a selfie taken frontally, and not from a lateral side as she actually is painted.